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Ramsey 8,000-pound PTO Winch Gets A Presidential Nod (subsidiary of Ramsey Industries)

It’s got dings and dents. It’s been rolled. It’s neither the first nor the last of its breed, has no particularly special equipment, and is one of thousands like it to roll off an assembly line. But the Historic Vehicle Association saw fit to choose President Ronald Reagan’s 1962 Jeep CJ-6 – even over the pristine CJ-8 that the president also owned – as one of a pair of presidential vehicles to go on the National Register of Historic Vehicles. “It’s the one he loved the most,” said HVA President Mark Gessler. “He used it all the time; it was...

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Project Long John Silver (Ramsey Powered!)

Words and photos by John Herrick, assistance by Joe Dvorsky When Larry and I started talking about modifying Project Recycle, the TJ we built in 2010, and extending the wheelbase, adding a fuel cell and comp cutting the tub, we realized what I really needed was an LJ, the Wrangler Unlimited, that Jeep built from 2004-2006. Stretching a TJ often leaves you with less space and simply a longer wheelbase. I wanted to be able to use it for more than crawling rocks. Being able to carry a cooler and camp gear, the things that make a weekend fun; the...

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