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Bolt-on Kit, Over-wound Short Drum

• Torsional springs for uniform pressure
• Reduces “bird-nesting” when free-spooling cable
• Aids in level winding
• Rolls on cable
• Increases cable life over plate tensioners
• Over-wound
• Left or right drum rotation
• Maintenance free – oil impregnated bronze bushing
• All other components are zinc plate
• Designed and made in the USA

Additional Information

Winches, capstans and hoists are not intended to be used for lifting or moving of persons.

The last 5 wraps of cable must be left on the drum to assist the cable clamp in holding the load.

( Image may not be exact.)

The Ramsey Roller Tensioner is a dependable, rugged, proven torsional spring tensioner that applies steady pressure for excelent cable management during free-spooling and general winch operation. Designed for: HY-200, HDY-200, HY-300, HDY-234, HY-346, HDGY-350, HSWY-10000, DCY-200, DCY-24-200, DCY-246, DCY-24-246, DCY-300, DCY-24-300, DCY-346, DCY-24-346, DCY-12-34.9 and DCY-24-34.9 winches.